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IamHR is a trusted, knowledgable and valued partner, providing professional Human Resources expertise to small and medium sized businesses in London, Ontario and beyond.

Backed by over a decade of practical experience, we deliver innovative, adaptable and cost-effective Human Resources solutions that solve your unique problems, promote company growth and create a competitive advantage for your business. We take pride in our personalized approach and strong dedication to building long term partnerships rooted in mutual trust and respect. We work in harmony with our clients to tackle challenges, identify opportunities and realize visions. Let’s get started!

I am Jen

Jen Mercer
My name is Jennifer Mercer and IamHR.

I have a passion for people and love helping businesses create and deliver the best possible resources, environments and experiences with their teams. With over 12 years of industry experience, I’ve worked with companies of all sizes to establish, manage and audit varying Human Resources initiatives including onboarding and training, policies and procedures, employee relations and educational/mentorship programs.

Working with clients from a broad range of industries – from Health Care and Property Management to Policing, Recycling, and Manufacturing – has diversified my skillset in an incredibly powerful way. As a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRP, CHRL) and Quality Management Systems Internal Auditor with a Certificate in Professional Business Writing, I am equipped to accomplish any Human Resources goal or objective. As such, my clients trust in my ability to design and deliver valuable, impactful Human Resources strategies that build morale, support core values and positively impact your bottom line.

Attention to detail and the ability to convey a powerful message (both verbally and written) are strong attributes that Jen possesses.

Wendy Thompson
Right Brain Teams

Jennifer has presented a wealth of knowledge in her field and has proven to be a reliable resource. Her workshop was engaging, informative, and was very fluid. I received nothing but positive feedback from the attendees afterwards, many of whom requested further outreach to Jennifer to work with her individually.

Stephanie Shrum
Community Employment Choices

I have truly enjoyed working with Jennifer and would not hesitate to call on her Human Resources services again in the future. She was an extremely valuable member of our management team who I trusted to make informed decisions and provide valuable insight and guidance.

Nick Pora

Jennifer presents herself confidently and professionally with a personal touch. I can count on Jennifer to be organized and thorough in her business dealings. She asks intelligent, relevant questions to be sure she understands the subject matter at hand thoroughly. Jennifer is pleasant and a great listener. Jennifer gets things done!


Having worked with Jen as a Human Resources Manager, I can speak to how well organized she is. She’s calm under pressure, and approaches her job with passion, professionalism and enthusiasm. I watched Jen tackle many complex Human Resources challenges, and she always got the key decisions right, demonstrating a willingness to deal with any challenge which was thrown at her.

Tony Burnett